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Exterior Primers

Best painting practices never change, and professional painters know that the key to a quality paint job is in the preparation and priming of the surfaces. Rodda manufactures a wide variety of specific primers and surface sealers & conditioners for most any substrate, surface or problem area. This step is important to help assure the long lasting durability and protection of the top coats. Rodda’s PrimeSolution brand of primers focus on solutions for hard to coat surfaces.

PrimeSolution First Coat (501601)

Rodda Paint’s PS First Coat Primer is a premium quality interior and exterior white 100% acrylic emulsion primer formulated for use over a variety of surfaces. PS First Coat Primer delivers great adhesion over many interior and exterior substrates, making it an essential primer to have in the truck for most professional painters. PS First Coat universal primer is easy to apply, covers well and is formulated with Low-VOC resins for virtually no application odor, then dries to a uniform film ready for finishing top coats. The versatile PS First Coat Accent Primer is a deep-tone primer tint base to be used for better hide and coverage under dark colored topcoats, saving time and money from applying extra coats with dark or vibrant colors. PS First Coat Primer is MPI approved and qualifies for LEEDs credits for low emitting materials.

SharkSkin® Primer / Sealer (404001)

Sharkskin Primer/Sealer, a flexible semi-elastomeric acrylic adhesion promoter, designed to stabilize surfaces and promote adhesion of top coats. SharkSkin is a flexible, semi-elastomeric, acrylic water based Primer/Sealer designed to stabilize surfaces and increase the adhesion of solid top coats, such as SharkSkin Solid Hide stain. SharkSkin Primer/Sealer is formulated to promote adhesion to structurally sound surfaces, such as CMU, plaster and concrete as well as horizontal & vertical wood surfaces.

Sprayable Block Filler (501901)

Rodda Paint’s Sprayable Block Filler is a high-solids interior and exterior white acrylic primer/filler designed to fill voids in masonry surfaces. This quality formulation, heavy-bodied Block Filler is preferred by professional painters and MPI approved for priming and filling open cell cinderblock wall and similar substrates. Sprayable Block Filler is a low-odor acrylic emulsion, formulated to prime and fill small voids and seal pores in cement and cinder block, leaving a smooth surface for subsequent topcoats; sprayable, but should be back-rolled or sacked to be worked into the surface voids for best results.

Surfbond II (501801)

Rodda Paint’s Surfbond II is a lightly pigmented acrylic bonding primer/conditioner for use as a first coat for masonry surfaces. A transparent white specialty primer, Surfbond II is designed to be an excellent conditioner to enhance adhesion and resist efflorescent salts from showing through subsequent topcoats. The light pigmentation allows the professional to see larger scale wall surfaces during application, especially when spraying on bright days to help assure no holidays are left. Surfbond II maintains exceptional adhesion over high-pH cementitious substrates and when properly applied, is suitable for use on surfaces with a pH reading from 6.0 to 13.0.

PrimeSolution Control Primer (701501)

Rodda Paint’s PS Control Primer is premium exterior white alkyd primer/sealer designed to control tannic acid leaching in exterior woods. PS Control Primer is a high quality slow-drying modified linseed oil alkyd primer with exceptional adhesion and excellent hide. This wood primer/sealer demonstrates great adhesion on a variety of exterior surfaces with excellent stain and mildew resistance. PS Control Primer is MPI approved to seal-in water-activated tannin bleed stains, especially for woods like cedar and redwood.