Paint Calculator

How much paint are you actually going to need for your upcoming project? Rodda Paint knows!

Easily calculate how much paint you’ll need for your project by knowing dimensions of the room you’re painting to come up with estimate of how much Rodda Paint paints your project requires.


The average bedroom requires 1 gallon (3.70 liters) of wall paint. A one gallon (3.70 liter) can of wall paint covers about 375 – 400 square feet (35 to 37 square meters). Calculate one room at a time and determine if you need 1 or 2 coats.

  • One (1) coat of premium paint will cover most surfaces when you are painting over a similar color.
  • Two (2) coats may be required for major color changes, painting over damaged or old surfaces or if you desire greater durability and coverage.
Your room to be painted is 12’ x 14’ with 8’ ceilings (3.65m x 4.26m x 2.4m). Calculate the total surface area by multiplying the width by the height for each wall and add them together.


2 x (12 x 8) + 2 x (14 x 8) = 416 sq.ft.
2 x (3.65 x 2.4) + 2 x (4.26 x 2.4) = 38.6 sq. meter

total surface area / coverage per can = amount required
416 / 375 = 1.1 gallon (3.70 liter) cans

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