Unique II Undercoater

Waterborne Acrylic Latex | Interior Primer

Unique II Undercoater is a Premium 100% Acrylic, Interior, Waterborne, Low VOC, Quick drying, White, Primer…The recommended first coat primer for an exceptional uniform enamel finish!

Designed for high performance & versatility, the Unique II Enamel Undercoater is formulated for exceptional enamel hold-out that delivers a uniform & smooth base for Enamel Finishes, has low odor during application, builds & sands easily, and resists raising the grain on new wood.

Delivering outstanding Hide, Coverage, and Gloss retention for enamel topcoats, the Unique II Enamel Undercoater is easy to apply with a brush, roller, or sprayer with minimal spatter.

Unique II Undercoater is part of the Unique II family of Enamel finishes.

  • Features
    • 100% Acrylic

    • Superior Enamel Hold-out

    • Outstanding Hide, Coverage

    • Quick Drying

    • Minimal Spatter

    • Builds & Sands Easily

    • Low VOC with Low Odor during Application

    • Resists Raising the Grain on New Wood

    • Easy to Apply with Easy Water Clean

    • Can be Tinted to aid Color Change Topcoats

    • Meets VOC Limits of SCAQMD, CARB, LEED v4.1

    • MPI #39

  • Applications
    • For a Premium, Durable Enamel finish on all interior surfaces such as, properly prepared Drywall & Plaster, Doors, Trim and Millwork

    • MPI approved and Exceptionally suited for Commercial projects where formal industry quality approvals are required

    • Great choice for High Traffic areas

    • Specified by Architects looking for a premium enamel finish

    • Excellent choice for all Residential and Commercial painting projects

    • Versatile and efficient for Commercial Property Maintenance

    • Designed for Professional Contractors and DIYers

  • Product Info Sheet & Technical Data Sheet
    TDS Documents

  • Product Details & Safety Data Sheets
    4020011 n-a 1g white GL0 39 SDS
    5020011 n-a 1g white GL0 39 SDS
    4020015 n-a 5g white GL0 30 SDS
    5020015 n-a 5g white GL0 39 SDS