PROTECH/Metal Master Primer

Acrylic Waterborne Primer | Interior / Exterior Primer

PROTECH Metal MasterUniversal Primer, your Go-To Primer when your project calls for a Rust-Inhibitive, Corrosion Resistant, Direct-To-Metal Primer – Designed for Exceptional Adhesion & Toughness on Interior/Exterior Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Metal surfaces!

Metal Master Universal Primer is a Single component, Interior/Exterior, Premium quality, Waterborne, Acrylic, Rust-inhibitive/Anti-corrosive coating for priming properly prepared Ferrous and Non-ferrous metal surfaces.

Metal Master Universal Primer provides good Corrosion resistance with excellent Adhesion to a wide range of metals and can also be used as a tie-coat when tested on difficult metal substrates. Metal Master Universal Primer is Flash rust resistant and is designed to be re-coat tolerant.

The user-friendly formula of Metal Master Universal Primer is formulated to be Low sheen, Non-flammable, and Low odor with Low VOC content to meet green building design standards.

Metal Master Universal Primer can be used in conjunction with Rodda Paint’s Premium Waterborne or Solvent-based Interior/Exterior Top coats for a high-quality Commercial/Industrial finish.

Recommended Uses
With excellent adhesion and rust-inhibitive corrosion resistance, this fast dry universal primer is designed for use on properly prepared interior/exterior ferrous and non-ferrous metals such as Structural Steel, Bridges, Tanks, Towers, Piping, Sash & Trim, Metal Doors & Frames, Ornamental Iron, Gutters and misc. metal objects.

  • Features
    • Corrosion Resistant

    • Rust-Inhibitive

    • Excellent Adhesion

    • Direct-To-Metal Application

    • Flexible on Metal Substrates

    • Fast Dry for Production Efficiency

    • Easy Application

    • LEED® v 4.1 VOC Compliant

    • MPI 107, 134

  • Applications
    • Duct Work

    • Food Processing Areas

    • Piping

    • Hospitals

    • Industrial Maintenance

    • Sheet Metal

    • Industrial Machinery

    • Galvanized Steel Decking

    • Storage Tank Exteriors

    • Farm Machinery

    • Plant Maintenance

    • Structural Steel

    • Power Facilities

    • Galvanized Ceiling/Decking

    • Processing Equipment

    • Corrugated Metal Roof Deck

    • Miscellaneous Metals

    • Water & Wastewater Facilities

  • Product Info Sheet & Technical Data Sheet
    TDS Documents

  • Product Details & Safety Data Sheets
    4087011 n-a 1g white GL0 107, 134 SDS
    4087015 n-a 5g white GL0 107, 134 SDS
    4087981 n-a 1g gray GL0 107, 134 SDS
    4087985 n-a 5g gray GL0 107, 134 SDS
    4087951 n-a 1g red-oxide GL0 107, 134 SDS
    4087955 n-a 5g red-oxide GL0 107, 134 SDS