Wall Pro Primer/Sealer

Waterborne PVA Acrylic Latex | Interior Primer

Rodda Paint’s Wall Pro Primer is a Production Interior White PVA Latex Wallboard Primer to be Applied to New Drywall, or after the Application of Wall-Textures.

Wall Pro Primer is part of the Wall Pro paint system formulated for new residential and commercial construction, and applied to minimize visual surface differences between tape joints and sheetrock papers, helping to insure a uniform surface ready for finish coats. Wall Pro PVA primer is easy to apply with low odor and good sealing properties to lay-down drywall paper fuzz for smooth topcoats.

  • Features
    • Primes and seals new sheetrock

    • Lays-down drywall paper-fuzz

    • Dries quickly with low odor

    • Water clean-up

    • MPI 50

  • Applications
    • Preferred production choice for sealing new smooth or textured interior sheetrock before top-coating finish applications on new commercial and residential projects

    • Most often sprayed, but can be brushed or rolled, then top-coated with Rodda Paint’s Wall Pro production paints and enamels

    • Dries quickly for better production work scheduling and cleans-up with warm water

  • Product Info Sheet & Technical Data Sheet
    TDS Documents

  • Product Details & Safety Data Sheets
    5034011 n-a 1g white GL0 50 SDS
    5034015 n-a 5g white GL0 50 SDS