WP Perm Prime 1.0 Vapor Primer

Low-Permeable PVA Latex | Interior Primer

WP Perm Prime 1.0 Vapor Primer is an interior, white, production grade, PVA latex, vapor-barrier primer-sealer for walls & ceilings of new construction projects.

This non-breathing latex primer sealer is formulated for production grade spray applications specified in new, residential & commercial construction projects. A low-permeable latex primer-sealer, Perm Prime 1.0 Vapor Primer is designed for use on the interior side of perimeter walls & ceilings to provide a moisture vapor barrier with a Permeable Rating of <1.0 in accordance with ASTM D-1653-91A and ASTM E-96. Perm Prime 1.0 Vapor Primer will help maintain insulation efficiency by reducing the loss of moisture through exterior walls and ceilings. This product is NOT recommended for use over previously painted surfaces or for spot repairs.

Use Wall Pro Perm Prime 1.0 Primer in conjunction with Wall Pro Interior Paint to create a value-priced finishing system or topcoat with a Rodda Paint waterborne or alkyd interior paint for a more premium finish.

  • Features
    • Production Grade

    • Low-Permeable with a permeable rating of <1.0 in accordance with ASTM D-1653 and ASTM E-96

    • Reduces the loss of moisture through exterior walls and ceilings

  • Applications
    • Designed for Professionals on interior surfaces, such as wallboard/sheet rock and textured ceilings

    • Takes the place of regular drywall primer on interior surfaces of perimeter walls and ceilings

    • Ideal for Residential and Commercial projects

    • DO NOT use directly over masonry, metal, wood, or previously painted surfaces

  • Product Info Sheet & Technical Data Sheet
    TDS Documents

  • Product Details & Safety Data Sheets
    4034C015 n-a 5g white GL0 - SDS
    4034C013 n-a 55g white GL0 - SDS
    4034C010 n-a 250g white GL0 - SDS