Barrier III High Solids Metal Primer

Phenolic Alkyd | Interior / Exterior Primer

Barrier III HS Metal Primer is a high-solids, high-build, quick dry, non-lifting, corrosion resistant, lead and chromate-free rust-inhibitive metal primer.

Formulated to protect ferrous metals in one coat, Barrier III HS provides a hard, flat, corrosion & weather resistant finish that protects metal while in storage, transit and construction prior to final finish.

Barrier III HS primer is designed to meet MPI# 79 and for use on ferrous metals, under a variety of protective or general maintenance topcoats. This versatile Primer can be used under solvent or waterborne alkyds, acrylics, epoxies, polyurethanes, most coal tars or other topcoats. With its excellent corrosion resistance, it may be used as a barrier coat over existing alkyd or maintenance coatings and it can also be used as a tie coat/intermediate primer for the opportunity of upgrading the existing metal surface to a superior chemically resistant system.


  • This ‘Best in Class’ product is designed for Professional Contractors and Homeowners alike, for use on properly prepared interior/exterior ferrous metals such as Structural Steel, Bridges, Tanks, Towers, Piping, Sash & Trim, Metal Doors & Frames, Ornamental Iron, Gutters and Misc. Metal objects
  • Ideal for Commercial, Industrial, and Residential projects
  • NOT for use on Galvanized Steel
  • Features
    • High Solids

    • Anti-Corrosive

    • Chemical Resistant

    • Moisture Resistant

    • Rust-Inhibitive

    • Excellent Adhesion

    • Excellent Weathering

    • Quick Dry for Production Efficiency

    • Low Temperature Application

    • Wide Application Window

    • Flexible on Metal Substrates

    • Direct to Metal Application

    • Easy Application

    • MPI #76, #79

  • Applications
    • Duct Work

    • Piping

    • Food Processing Areas

    • Hospitals

    • Industrial Maintenance

    • Industrial Machinery

    • Farm Machinery

    • Plant Maintenance

    • Power Facilities

    • Processing Equipment

    • Sheet Metal & Plates

    • Storage Tank Exteriors

    • Structural Steel

    • Corrugated Metal Roof Deck

    • Commercial Transport

    • Dry Goods Containers

    • Metal Refuse Containers

    • Water & Wastewater Facilities

    • Cranes

    • Miscellaneous Metals

  • Product Info Sheet & Technical Data Sheet
    TDS Documents

  • Product Details & Safety Data Sheets
    7082981 n-a 1g gray GL0 76, 79 SDS
    7082985 n-a 5g gray GL0 76, 79 SDS
    7082951 n-a 1g red-oxide GL0 76, 79 SDS
    7082955 n-a 5g red-oxide GL0 76, 79 SDS