Cascadia Color Collection

Rodda Paint Company’s Cascadia line of designer colors are comprised of unique colors born from the majestic landscapes of the Northwest, from Puget Sound to the Rocky Mountains!

The Cascadia® Color Collection includes 288 essential colors for homes and businesses sparked from the majestic landscapes of the Northwest region. This Rodda Paint exclusive designer color palette will give your next painting project a uniquely Northwest feel.


Rodda Paint Company has a team of highly trained paint color experts, working in Rodda Paint Company’s color lab in Portland, OR, who go the extra mile to get colors from the most exceptional locations in the Northwest and pair the color discoveries into nature inspired, timeless color palettes. The Cascadia Color Team embark on frequent expeditions into the great outdoors, from Puget Sound to the Rocky Mountains, to bring colors sparked from the Northwest region into homes and offices.

Architects, Interior Designers, Professional Decorators and Painters specify these colors for residential and commercial projects for both performance and style. These colors are designed to work with existing or new furniture and accessories to provide new or repaint projects with a lasting style.

Color inspiration is everywhere! It’s Rodda Paint Company’s goal to make it easy for customers to choose interior and exterior colors for their projects—the possibilities are endless!

Inspiration is brewing! Who knows where the Cascadia Color Expedition Team will find creativity next…

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