Rodda Paint's 5R Commitment

A set of internal guidelines that Rodda Paint and its Employees ALL strive to live by every day.


Right People

Rodda Paint is a Family Owned & Operated Business with our Primary Focus on our EMPLOYEES.

Rodda Paint Strives to Create a CULTURE of RESPECT for ALL.

Focusing on Training & Development, Improving Skill levels, Aligning with Individual Talents, and Promoting from within has Resulted in Most employees having LONG Tenure at Rodda Paint, Delivering Continuity & Trust for our Customers.

Right Product

For More than 90 years, Rodda Paint has Maintained a Level of QUALITY PRODUCTS Unmatched in the Northwest.

Our R&D Lab continues to Develop New, Exciting, Eco-friendly, and Sustainable coatings based on New Technology to address Evolving Market Trends and our Customers’ Feedback.

Right Color

Rodda Paint OFFERS an ABUNDANCE OF CHOICES when it comes to COLOR.

Rodda Paints Cascadia COLOR PALETTES, Inspired by Nature, Offer a VARIETY of Colors to meet our Customers’ Color Needs.

Our Specialty focused COLOR CARDS Offer Color Inspiration for Customers to Make it EASY for them to CHOOSE the Colors needed for their Projects.

Our Master Tinters are Experts at CUSTOM MATCHING Any Color.

We Use the LATEST Technology from DataColor to Ensure COLOR TINTING accuracy.

Quality Control PROCEDURES Utilized by our Store Employees Assure Customer Satisfaction.

Right Place

Rodda Paint is COMMITTED to Having Orders Completed as Promised.

Our Production & Purchasing Teams are continuously Planning & Monitoring the manufacturing & availability of Products to Ensure that the RIGHT Products are Available in our Stores for OUR Customers’ Needs.

We are Constantly Striving to Identify, Develop, and Design NEW Products to address Market Trends.

Our Employees are committed to offering EXEMPLARY Service to ensure that we exceed our Customers’ EXPECTATIONS.

Right Time

Time is Money!

Rodda Paint Understands, Respects, and Values your time striving to have ALL Orders DONE Right and ON Time the FIRST TIME.