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Interior Primers

The foundation to a great paint job begins with the right primer.  Best painting practices will always include preparation and the priming or sealing the surface for the best top coat durability and finish.  Some competitor paints claim to be paint and primer in one, but always require a minimum of two coats!  If you know it is best to prime, then use the best primer!  Since 1932, Rodda Paints still manufactures primers, sealers, enamel undercoaters and conditioners for specific projects and surfaces. Rodda’s PrimeSolution brand of primers focus on solutions for hard to coat surfaces.


PrimeSolution First Coat (501601)

Rodda Paint’s PS First Coat Primer is a premium quality interior and exterior white 100% acrylic emulsion primer formulated for use over a variety of surfaces. PS First Coat Primer delivers great adhesion over many interior and exterior substrates, making it an essential primer to have in the truck for most professional painters. PS First Coat universal primer is easy to apply, covers well and is formulated with Low-VOC resins for virtually no application odor, then dries to a uniform film ready for finishing top coats. The versatile PS First Coat Accent Primer is a deep-tone primer tint base to be used for better hide and coverage under dark colored topcoats, saving time and money from applying extra coats with dark or vibrant colors. PS First Coat Primer is MPI approved and qualifies for LEEDs credits for low emitting materials.

Horizon Primer (503501)

Rodda’s Horizon Primer is a premium acrylic white interior primer/sealer designed for use with Rodda’s Horizon paint system for virtually no odor during application. Horizon Primer’s Zero - VOC acrylic emulsion formula is designed to seal and lay-down drywall paper fuzz for smooth topcoats and exceptional enamel hold-out. Horizon Primer is easy to apply with excellent hide and coverage, and helps to eliminate texture variations in interior drywall surfaces to provide a uniform finish for top-coating, and cleans-up with warm water. ​

Unique Enamel Undercoat (502001)

Rodda Paint’s Unique II Enamel Undercoater is part of the premium family of 100% acrylic Unique II enamels and Color Bases delivering high performance and versatility. The low-odor formula of Unique II Enamel Undercoater white waterborne formula is designed for exceptional enamel hold-out, will build and sand easily and resists raising the grain on new wood for a smooth enamel finish. This premium undercoater is the recommended first coat primer for a uniform enamel finish and is easy to apply with brush, roller or sprayer providing great hide, coverage and gloss retention for enamel topcoats with low odor during application and minimal spatter. 

Master Painter Primer/Sealer (503601)

Rodda’s Master Painter/Roseal II professional acrylic white interior fast-dry primer/sealer is a favorite product of professional painting contractors for residential and commercial applications over interior wallboard. With low VOC, Master Painter primer is easy to apply with dependable low odor performance and excellent hide and sealing properties to lay-down drywall paper fuzz for smooth topcoats. The uniform consistency and quick drying formulation can be recoated in 2-3 hours, affording application time advantages for high production or commercial jobs, and clean-up is easy with warm water.​​

PrimeSolution Speed Primer (702901)

Rodda’s PS Speed Prime is a professional interior/exterior alkyd primer that builds and dries quickly, then sands to powder easily. PS Speed Prime is a traditional quick-dry alkyd with good adhesion and hide, and is an excellent primer choice over more porous surfaces such as wallboard, ceiling tile, interior and exterior wood, plywood, repair patches, and over old and hardened paint layers. PS Speed Prime works especially well over cured interior plaster walls and as the barrier coat under wallcovering applications, and cleans up with mineral spirits.