Dealer & Distribution Program

The ADVANTAGE of being a Family Owned & Operated Paint & Coatings manufacturer is that we can offer PERSONALIZED service along with product development & manufacturing FLEXIBILITY free of large corporate formalities.

  • DECISION Making is quick.
  • QUALITY is Paramount
  • TURNAROUND Times Reduced

If YOU are in the market to Re-sell a Quality Paint Brand that offers a wide variety of Architectural Coatings along with Specialty paints and Light Industrial Coatings, Rodda Paint’s Dealer Distribution program has you covered.

For more information on Partnering with Rodda Paint, CONTACT US ONLINE or call 1-800-453-3004.


We offer Quality Products and Exceptional Service for all Dealer Partners that share our company name.

We can customize a program to fit your Paint & Coatings needs while complementing your selection with Full support for Color, Formulas, Colorant, and related Paint supplies in addition to assisting with any Equipment needs that you might have.

We offer a Personalized and Versatile program encompassing Product, Service, Distribution Pricing and more that are Customized to each Individual Dealer’s needs, creating a WIN-WIN Partnership.


With 90+ Years of Product INNOVATION by our Research & Development Team, we offer a ROBUST Selection of QUALITY Products, as well as the R&D Capabilities to develop Custom Products and Selections that are Supported by our Best-In-Class WARRANTIES.

  • Architectural
  • Industrial


Rodda Paint’s Cascadia COLOR System, with 1800+ colors, is Specified by Architects, Interior Designers, Professional Decorators, and Painters for Residential and Commercial Projects for Performance and Style.

  • Colors Designed to work for a diversity of Situations & Projects – for Classic, Trendy, or Lasting styles
  • Fan Decks and Specialty Color Cards support
  • Sampling Programs

Product Labels/Branding

  • Customization/Private Labeling Availability
  • Industry Compliance

Training & Tools

  • Training Program to Help You DEVELOP Your Best Assets – YOUR PEOPLE
  • Strengthen Your COMPETITIVE Position

For more information on Partnering with Rodda Paint, CONTACT US ONLINE or call 1-800-453-3004.