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Rodda Paint® Company Announces the Purchase of Valley Paint Manufacturing in Woods Cross, UT

Growing Our Coating Network to Higher Levels!

Rodda Paint Company, the largest family-owned paint manufacturer in the Northwest, is excited to announce the purchase of Valley Paint Manufacturing in Woods Cross, Utah effective November 1, 2023.

Founded in April 1982 by Russell Swan and Brad Olson with a vision to fill a niche in the local market for Light Industrial Coatings, Valley Paint Manufacturing has built an outstanding reputation in manufacturing quality products since, growing their sales both regionally and nationally, from their facility located in Woods Cross, UT.

David Wolf, President & COO of Rodda Paint along with Brian Villa, Executive VP of Sales & Operations of Rodda Paint, and Tim Vogel, Chairman & C.E.O. of Cloverdale Paint Group are extremely pleased with the fit between Rodda Paint Co. and Valley Paint Manufacturing.

With a robust employee base, manufacturing & distribution capacity, and technical & sales expertise, the Valley Paint Manufacturing acquisition provides high-quality people, industrial technology, manufacturing, and formulating capacity to Rodda Paint Co. and the Cloverdale Paint Group.

Valley Paint Manufacturing will continue to operate independently in the Salt Lake City area with the support of Rodda Paint Co., making products to service their existing customers and expanding their Sales & Operations to further grow their distribution nationwide.

“It is with purchases like these of great companies with strong reputations that fit our growth strategy, that Rodda Paint Co. in support of the Cloverdale Paint Group, plans to continue to grow our coating network to higher levels”, says Rodda Paint Co. President & COO David Wolf.

About Rodda Paint Company
Rodda Paint Co. is the largest family-owned paint manufacturer in the Northwest with offices and manufacturing facilities located in Portland, Oregon, and is an independent subsidiary of the Cloverdale Group based in Surrey, BC, Canada. Rodda Paint Co. manufactures and distributes Quality Paints, High-Performance Industrial Coatings, and Professional Painting Supplies demanded by the industry’s various customer segments through its 120+ retail locations across the Northwest, including 60 full-service company stores. Rodda Paint, along with the Cloverdale Paint Group operates manufacturing plants in Portland (OR), Surrey (BC) Winnipeg (MB), Calgary (AB), and Mississauga (ON). Rodda Paint Co. is a Service-oriented company that has been building lasting relationships with customers, partners, and vendors for more than 90 years and recognizes the value of long-term, experienced, and well-trained employees to become a sustaining resource for every customer segment.

About Rodda Paint Company’s New Cascadia Color Collection
Rodda Paint Company’s Cascadia line of designer colors are comprised of unique colors born from the majestic landscapes of the NW. Rodda Paint Company has a team of highly trained paint color experts, working in Rodda Paint Company’s color lab in Portland, OR who go the extra mile to get colors from the most exceptional locations in the NW and pair the color discoveries into nature-inspired, timeless color palettes. The Cascadia Color Team embarks on frequent expeditions into the great outdoors, from Puget Sound to the Rocky Mountains, to bring colors sparked from the NW region into homes and offices.