Toll Manufacturing & Private Label

Rodda Paint’s Self-contained R&D Lab., Efficient Manufacturing facilities, and history of creating Quality Coatings for a range of segments, make us well-versed in providing Toll Manufactured & Private Labeled coatings.


The Rodda Paint company has a history of manufacturing Custom, Toll and Private-label paint products. We have full-time paint chemists on staff as well as a seasoned production and distribution team.  With an abundance of capacity, our Portland, OR-based manufacturing & distribution facility has been private labeling and toll manufacturing paint products for others.

With mutual confidentiality agreements in place, Our team collaborates to evaluate projects and provide cost-efficient solutions with a quick lab to scale up the production cycle.

Our Production Capabilities:

  • Water-based and Solvent-based Production
  • Cowles Dispersion in tanks for 50 – 2500 gallons
  • Cowles dispersion up to 150 HP
  • Letdown from 50 – 6000 gallons
  • 7.5 – 40 HP Sandmills
  • Bulk Raw material Storage

Support Services:

  • Proficient & Efficient R&D and QC/QA Labs to Support Production
  • Filling ability in Tank Wagon, Totes, Drums, 5-Gallon pails, Gallon and Quarts Cans
  • Custom Labeling ability with an In-House Print Shop

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