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Rodda Paint Introduces NEW SharkSkin Primer/Sealer

A Flexible, Semi-Elastomeric, Acrylic, Water-based Adhesion Promoter, Designed to Stabilize Surfaces and Promote Adhesion of Top Coats!

Rodda Paint Company, the largest family-owned paint manufacturer in the Northwest, announces the release of SharkSkin Primer/Sealer — a new flexible, semi-elastomeric, acrylic water-based Primer/Sealer designed to stabilize surfaces and increase the adhesion of solid top coats, such as SharkSkin Solid Hide stain.

SharkSkin Primer/Sealer is formulated to promote adhesion to structurally sound surfaces, such as CMU, plaster and concrete as well as horizontal & vertical wood surfaces.

A unique copolymer design, SharkSkin Primer/Sealer penetrates and seals porous surfaces as well as locks down deteriorating surfaces in order to extend the service life & performance of top coats. It covers the existing finish to seal the edges of peeling and checked old coatings to lock them down for a uniform top coat.

SharkSkin Primer/Sealer remains flexible over the paint’s service life, thereby reducing cracking & peeling of the top coat.

NOTE: SharkSkin Primer/Sealer is a transparent primer and not tintable. SharkSkin Primer/Sealer can ONLY BE USED UNDER a SOLID top coat – NOT for use under a transparent, semi-transparent, clear or penetrating deck coating.

Product Features:

  • Penetrates Into Cracked & Weathered Surfaces
  • Promotes Adhesion & Extends the Longevity of Top Coats
  • Helps Reduce Future Cracking & Peeling
  • Seals Porous Surfaces
  • Locks Down Deteriorating Surfaces

Recommended Uses:

  • Adhesion promoter for exterior horizontal & vertical wood surfaces, composite or cement board siding, stucco, concrete, CMU and other cementitious surfaces
  • Great for exterior wood decks, deck railings, fences, patios, stair treads, soffits and trim
  • Excellent for use on weathered, worn or previously coated decks & siding
  • Ideal for Residential and Commercial projects

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About Rodda Paint Company

Rodda Paint Company is the largest family-owned paint manufacturer in the Northwest with offices and manufacturing facilities located in Portland, Oregon and is an independent subsidiary of the Cloverdale Group based in Surrey, BC, Canada. Rodda Paint Co. manufactures and distributes Quality Paints, High-Performance Industrial Coatings, and Professional Painting Supplies demanded by the industry’s various customer segments through its 99+ retail locations across the Northwest, including 60 full-service company stores. Rodda Paint Co. is a Service oriented company that has been building lasting relationships with customers, partners and vendors for more than 80 years and recognizes the value of long-term, experienced and well-trained employees to become a sustaining resource for every customer segment.

About Rodda Paint Company’s New Cascadia Color Collection

Rodda Paint Company’s Cascadia line of designer colors are comprised of unique colors born from the majestic landscapes of the NW. Rodda Paint Company has a team of highly trained paint color experts, working in Rodda Paint Company’s color lab in Portland, OR who go the extra mile to get colors from the most exceptional locations in the NW and pair the color discoveries into nature inspired, timeless color palettes. The Cascadia Color Team embarks on frequent expeditions into the great outdoors, from Puget Sound to the Rocky Mountains, to bring colors sparked from the NW region into homes and offices.