Rodda Paint History

The history of Rodda Paint Company

Made in the Pacific Northwest since 1932

Rodda History

The history of Rodda Paint actually began in 1930 at Rasmussen Paint Company in Portland, Oregon. It was at Russmussen Paint that Art Rodda and Morey Braden first met. Art was the Superintendent and Morey in the factory. In 1931 Rasmussen Paint combined with two other companies to become General Paint Co. In 1932, Art Rodda left General Paint to join Chet Peterson and began Peterson/Rodda Paint Co. Morey joined them in the venture. In 1934 Chet Peterson sold his stake of the company to Art Rodda. It was then the company became known as Rodda Paint Company exclusively.

The war economy created many opportunities for Rodda Paint, providing the environment to experience what would be the first of many expansions with the purchase of both Fisher Paint and CDM Paint.

Prior to 1941, Morey did not receive a salary from Art but was instead advised by Art to “take what you need”. But the time came when Morey decided to buy a house for his family. He approached Art once again about obtaining a salary and Art responded by giving Morey 1/2 the company. Art remained president and Morey became Vice President.

In 1948, to accommodate the expanding business, the Macadam Avenue paint factory was purchased and remained the sole Rodda Paint manufacturing facility for 32 years, manufacturing coatings for both the expanding number of Rodda Paint stores and toll manufacturing.

John McIntyre, who would become a partner and Vice President of Sales, began his career at Rodda Paint in 1952. John was originally hired on a temporary basis but thankfully John never left.

In 1974, Morey Braden retired and his son Tom Braden became President, John McIntyre Vice President, and Ken Peterson Vice President. Both John McIntyre and Ken Peterson would become stock-holders.

 History of Rodda Paint Company

In 1980, Tom Braden hired Steve Zimmer to oversee the growing retail side of the business. Also that year, a new state-of-the-art Rodda Paint Rivergate factory was opened, tripling Rodda’s capacity of production. With this new team at the helm, Rodda Paint grew exponentially over the next few decades, which included the major expansion into the Seattle market.

In 1997 Steve Zimmer spun off the In-Home Decorating Division, leaving Rodda to focus on its primary objective, paint.

In 1998 Rodda Paint purchased Daniel Boone Paint Company of Seattle. With this purchase, Rodda not only obtained a paint company, but a dynamic, energetic young salesperson, Bill Boone, who would in seven years become Rodda Paint’s Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer.

 History of Rodda Paint Company

In August of 2004 Tom Braden, along with his long time peer and friend, Wink Vogel, made the decision it would be in the best interest of both, and their employees, to merge Rodda Paint and Cloverdale Paint of Surrey, British Columbia, another successful family owned company. This merger provides both companies the ability to combine technical resources, production, distribution channels and product resources which enhance both businesses.

Our current management team has 1,378 years of combined experience, 818 years of it at Rodda Paint. This team is excited about the future opportunities the Cloverdale/Rodda Paint Co. will provide.