Corroseal Rust Converting Primer is the best rust treatment option on the market, but don’t just take our word for it. Corroseal has over 25 years of satisfied customers. Corroseal Rust Converter is highly recommended for all marine, industrial, automotive, and household rust treatment applications.

“As the contractor for the tank cleaning of the aircraft carrier USS Independence [CV-62]. Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, Bremerton WA, we are pleased to report that Corroseal Rust Converting Primer is performing very well throughout this vessel. Our use of Corroseal has the full approval of the US Navy.

Thank you for the time you took to board the USS Independence last week to demonstrate the ease of use of Corroseal and safety features. Also thank you for taking the time to meet with the representatives of the general contractor George G. Sharp Inc. As per our conversation this morning, I inspected the work in progress and am very pleased with the results.

I would be most happy to recommend Corroseal Rust Converter Primer for use on future US Navy and other government projects.”

– Vic DeLeenheer
Regional Vice President, West Coast Cleaning & Preservation, Inc.

“I purchased a bottle of Corroseal from a distributor in 1982. At that time I used it to paint a large outdoor fuel tank(rusty) and various other items. The distributor told me at the time that the product had a limited shelf life. I was finished with the rust proofing so I pretty well forgot about the product.

I am now restoring old British cars as well as working on old aircraft. I again had a need for a good rust product. I had purchased a few off the shelf products and was going to use them when I came across an old quart of Corroseal (at least 20 years old) I decided to test it against the other products to see if it was any good.

I applied Corroseal, POR 15 inhibitor, Ospho (both phosphoric acid based), Permetex inhibitor, and finally Boeinghield T9 to a length of 4130 chromoly tubing (rusty). I wrapped the tube in a wet towel and put in a bucket slightly filled with water.

After 2 weeks now, the Corroseal is the best of the bunch. It still looks like new and the other products are reverting. This may not be scientific, but it is good enough for me!

The quart bottle of Corroseal was exposed to temps from 20 degrees to 95 degrees for over 20 years! This is truly a fine product and I am delighted that you are still making it!”

– Dick Maddux

“I maintain automated weather stations(AWOS) all over the planet. I was out on Midway Island about seven months ago and the instrument tower was neglected and required a bit of work.

I asked what type of outdoor coatings were available for me to use and the group maintaining the Marine equipment handed me an old five gallon pail of Corroseal rust converter and a needle hammer to ease my pain. Everything that they could have showed me, to prove its effectiveness, was either no longer on island or pulled out of the water and disassembled. Having nothing else, it would have to do. I topcoated it with a high gloss industrial enamel.

I recently returned there and everything looked just as it did the day I had left months ago. Very impressive product.

Since the island is a refuge, the manager was concerned about chemicals because the Marine personnel seem to always have products that do harm to the environment. Not the case with this stuff.

I will recommend this product to all my customers to prolong the life of their weather stations.”

– Stevan Vilimonovic

“I’ve used Corroseal at Norshipco ship repair yard in Norfolk VA. As a painter for xxxxxx Corporation and I thought that it was amazing to paint over rust and it worked too!

We used Corroseal on the hard to reach inner gears and base plates on winches where sandblasting would cause the loss of stability and there by prevented replacement costs for the Navy on deck winches of support vessels.”

– Steve Leonard

“I have personally used your product to repair and rehabilitate the many pieces of steel equipment found on my ranch, which are exposed to the elements and weather. (i.e. water tanks, machinery, irrigating steel, tools, and animal handling equipment).

This is truly a ‘miracle treatment’ for any rusted steel application.

Corroseal has my recommendation and will find its way in my specifications.”

– Donald A. Severa
A.I.A. Architect, Templeton, California