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Proper Application of Corroseal

Corroseal is applied by brush, roll or spray in a heavy white coat with no surface show through at 8-10 mils wet film thickness. When black color appears, rust conversion has started.

Corroseal forms a purple black to black surface over rusted areas when dried. Wait 24 hours for Corroseal to cure, before top coating.

Corroseal Rust Converting: Before and After

A rusted press tank before surface preparation and Corroseal application.

The same press tank after application of Corroseal rust converting primer. The tank is now ready to be top coated.

A rusted, weathered, and unattractive storage tank.

The same storage tank after an application of Corroseal Rust Converting Primer.

The storage tank after Corroseal Rust Converting Primer and a top coat of Silicone Alkyd from Rodda Paint Co.

A decorative farmhouse water wheel, rusted and weathered.

Farmhouse water wheel after being restored with Corroseal Rust Converter.