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Floor Coatings

Rodda Fast Dry Enamel

A fast dry single component polyurethane fortified alkyd gloss floor enamel to be used on interior concrete and wood floors subject to foot traffic. Available in hundreds of colors, this product may also be used in interior mild environments wherever increased durability is needed for the surface, such as on wood or metal doors or door frames and machinery.

Rodda Ropon High Solids Enamel

A user friendly two component amine cured epoxy with excellent chemical and abrasion resistance. A high gloss finish available in hundreds of colors. This product may be brush, roller, or spray applied to properly prepared steel or concrete walking surfaces where enhanced resistance to water, mild chemical spills, or high foot traffic is needed.

Rodda Tuff Deck

A single component 100% acrylic emulsion floor coating. Ease of use, low odor, and water cleanup make this product excellent for low foot traffic areas in mild environments. Tuff Deck performs well on properly prepared interior wood and concrete walking surfaces. It also may be used on exterior cured concrete and asphalt surfaces. This product develops a hard, durable low sheen finish and is available in hundreds of colors.