Oil Alkyd Line Striping & Zone Marking Paint | Exterior Specialty Paint

DRIVELINE® ZONE is a High Quality, Conventional, Fast-Drying, Alkyd-Oil Traffic & Marking paint available in 5 Colors, conforming to the U.S. Bureau of Public Roads colors.

Formulated with High-Solids for Excellent Durability, High Visibility, and Low Dirt Pick-up, DRIVELINE ZONE is also designed to be User Friendly and Ready-to-Use.

DRIVELINE ZONE can be applied with or without pressure-applied glass beads and with a Brush, Roller or Airless or Air-atomized Spray Equipment and can be applied down to surface & air temperatures of 35F.
With Superior Bead retention, DRIVELINE ZONE requires minimal Traffic control when striping/marking and can be driven on within 2 Hours.

  • Features
    • Conforms to U.S. Bureau of Public Roads colors

    • High-Solids

    • Excellent Durability

    • Fast Drying

    • High Visibility

    • Low Dirt Pick-up

    • Superior Bead Retention

    • Drive on Paint within 2 hours

    • Minimum Traffic Control When Striping

    • Can be used with Stencils

    • MPI #32

  • Applications
    • Marking Curbs

    • Shopping Centers

    • Pavement Striping

    • Municipalities

    • Asphalt Sealing

    • Apartment Communities

    • Symbols, Legends, Lane Markings

    • Educational Institutions

    • Parking Spaces and Crosswalks

    • Hospitals

    • Directional Marking for Driveways

    • Property Management

    • Airfield & Highway projects

    • Plant/Factory Maintenance

  • Product Info Sheet & Technical Data Sheet
    TDS Documents

  • Product Details & Safety Data Sheets
    7171Z011 flat 1g white GL1 32 SDS
    7171Z015 flat 5g white GL1 32 SDS
    7171Z881 flat 1g yellow GL1 32 SDS
    7171Z885 flat 5g yellow GL1 32 SDS
    7171Z821 flat 1g safety-red GL1 32 SDS
    7171Z825 flat 5g safety-red GL1 32 SDS
    7171Z831 flat 1g safety-blue GL1 32 SDS
    7171Z835 flat 5g safety-blue GL1 32 SDS
    7171Z991 flat 1g black GL1 32 SDS
    7171Z995 flat 5g black GL1 32 SDS