Self-Priming Waterborne Acrylic Latex Ceiling Paint | Interior Specialty Paint

Dryfall is a professional water-based interior paint formulated for spray application over industrial or commercial ceiling surfaces.

Dryfall from Rodda Paint is available in a flat white and flat black, along with a white eggshell finish.

The white finishes hide imperfections with best light reflectance values and work well in warehouse ceilings, or areas where little ambient light or fewer light fixtures are present. The flat black finish hides imperfections over a variety of surfaces and allows ceiling structures to be less conspicuous, ideal for public areas and restaurant applications.

Rodda’s Dryfall is formulated with outstanding adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces to cover solid ceiling structures, vents and ductwork. Under normal environmental conditions, Dryfall has a fall rate of 12-15 feet, allowing overspray to dry before reaching the floor, to be swept for easy clean-up. Dryfall is available in five gallon pails, sprays easily for commercial applications with water clean-up.

  • Features
    • High Hiding Formulation

    • 100% Acrylic Latex Formulation for Long Life Durability

    • Flash Rust Additive to Inhibit Staining

    • Excellent Reflectance for Increasing Light in Work Areas

    • Flat Finish to Minimize any Surface Imperfections

    • Modified for Increased Adhesion to Clean Galvanized Substrates

    • Excellent Resistance to Concrete Efflorescence

    • MPI 118, 155

  • Applications
    • Outstanding adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces to cover solid ceiling structures, vents and ductwork

    • Sprays easily for commercial applications with water clean-up

  • Product Info Sheet & Technical Data Sheet
  • Product Details & Safety Data Sheets
    5338015 eggshell 5g white GL3 155 SDS
    5338045 eggshell 5g neutral GL3 155 SDS
    5138015 flat 5g white GL1 118 SDS
    5138045 flat 5g neutral GL1 118 SDS
    5138995 flat 5g black GL1 118 SDS