PROTECH/Metal Master DTM

Self-Priming Waterborne Acrylic Direct-To-Metal Coating | Interior / Exterior Specialty Paint

Metal Master™ DTM is a high-performance, single-component, low VOC, DIRECT-TO-METAL COATING with exceptional adhesion, durability, and toughness that is complimented with a quality self-priming finish, offering excellent corrosion and flash rust resistance and flexibility for light to moderate Industrial use and/or tough environments.

Metal Master DTM is a high-performance, single-component, Low VOC, waterborne acrylic, Direct-To-Metal coating with exceptional adhesion and toughness that is complimented with a quality self-priming finish.

Metal Master DTM is designed for both interior and exterior applications affording stellar gloss & color retention properties. This universal DTM coating provides both, functionality and aesthetic value in a low-odor, non-flammable, fast-drying, washable, scrub-resistant formulation.

This product has excellent resistance to humidity and corrosion, in addition to offering early moisture resistance with superior flow & leveling, an exceptionally hard-wearing finish and great block resistance for Commercial and Industrial applications. Suitable for use in USDA Inspected Facilities.

Metal Master DTM is easy to apply, forming a tough film that provides outstanding resistance to weathering and UV exposures.

With exceptional bonding and flash rust resistance this product is designed to be applied over a wide variety of substrates including metals, fiberglass, interior wood, concrete/masonry, drywall and prefinished siding.

Great for New Construction and Maintenance projects requiring High Performance protection and durability.

  • Features
    • Direct-To-Metal Application

    • Self Priming

    • Corrosion Resistant

    • Early Moisture Resistance

    • Exceptional Adhesion

    • Outstanding Toughness

    • Flash Rust Resistance

    • Humidity Resistance

    • Excellent Durability

    • Fast-Drying

    • Low VOC

    • Stellar Gloss Retention

    • Light to Moderate Industrial Use

    • Outstanding Resistance to Weathering & UV Exposures

    • LEED v.4 Compliant

    • MPI 161, 163

  • Applications
    • Ornamental Steel

    • Exterior Structural Steel

    • Galvanized Ceiling/Decking

    • Corrugated Metal Roof Deck

    • Storage Tank Exteriors

    • Dry Goods Containers

    • Duct Work

    • Piping

    • Sheet Metal

    • Miscellaneous Metals

    • Facility Maintenance

    • HVI Maintenance

    • Buildings & Warehouses

    • Manufacturing Facilities

    • Plant Maintenance

    • Industrial Maintenance

    • OEM

    • Machinery & Equipment

    • Industrial Machinery

    • Farm Machinery

    • Power Facilities

    • Processing Equipment

    • New Construction

    • Water & Wastewater Facilities

    • Healthcare/Hospitals

    • Education

    • USDA Inspected Facilities

    • Food Processing & Commercial Kitchens

  • Product Info Sheet & Technical Data Sheet
    TDS Documents

  • Product Details & Safety Data Sheets
    4387011 satin-eggshell 1g white GL3 161 SDS
    4387015 satin-eggshell 5g white GL3 161 SDS
    4387031 satin-eggshell 1g deep GL3 161 SDS
    4387035 satin-eggshell 5g deep GL3 161 SDS
    4387041 satin-eggshell 1g neutral GL3 161 SDS
    4387045 satin-eggshell 5g neutral GL3 161 SDS
    4587011 semigloss 1g white GL5 163 SDS
    4587015 semigloss 5g white GL5 163 SDS
    4587031 semigloss 1g deep GL5 163 SDS
    4587035 semigloss 5g deep GL5 163 SDS
    4587041 semigloss 1g neutral GL5 163 SDS
    4587045 semigloss 5g neutral GL5 163 SDS