For Your Home Color Trends 2019
Color Trends 2019

Color Trends for 2019

The colors for 2019 reflect the contrasts of everyday life. Past and future intertwine in DNA, while craft and technology are celebrated in unison with Craft Luxe and Humanity Within. The natural world takes center stage with the restorative colors of The Happiness Project contrasting with the otherworldly depths of our Color of The Year: Into the Stratosphere.




Into the Stratosphere 0627

Color of the Year
0627 - Into the Stratosphere

Immersed in this captivating dark blue we can imagine a journey into deep seas and endless night skies. Uplifting yet mysterious, and eternally elegant, this midnight hue is sure to transform any space into something extraordinary.




Kung Fu 0109




Sugar Dust 0011




Atmosphere 0689




Sweet Angelica 0806




Oak Tone 0217




Power Lunch 0572




Dark River 0494




Techile 0533




Siren 1117




Temptress 1144




Elk Skin 0565




Yellow Umbrella 0800




November Storms 0543




Deep Space 0487




Jack-O-Lantern 1038




Ice Flow 0448




Perennial Garden 0759