Professionals Elastomeric Paints

Elastomeric Paints for Stucco, Masonry, Concrete

Performance is king with Rodda's elastomeric stucco and masonry paint lines. Quality is the essence of our elastomeric paints, and we don’t cut corners when it comes to supplying high end, weather sealing, and restoration products. The elasticity of these elastomeric coatings allows limited substrate movement without breaching the film, while affording the outstanding exterior durability found in 100% acrylic coverage. Textured versions are available through special order, ask your sales representative for more information. Projects should be reviewed for proper weather stripping and flashing requirements before application.

Super Roflex Elastomeric Paint (511301)

A premium, heavy bodied, internally plasticized, 100% acrylic emulsion designed as high-mil build weather sealant and restoration coating for all types of masonry and stucco structures. Manufactured to bridge and seal hairline cracks and surface irregularities with its pliable yet tough outer skin that helps provide extra protection from wind driven rain. With a dry film thickness of 12-15 mils, Roflex has up to 500% elongation providing protection and a uniform aesthetic finish that resists efflorescence and excessive dirt pick-up.

* Meets the American Institute of Architects system performance requirements for an elastomeric coating as described in their Masterspec-Evaluations, section 09830-Elastomeric Coatings.

pHlex-tite Elastomeric Paint (512301)

pHlex-tite is a premium self-priming, high build acrylic elastomeric primer/finish coating resistant to high-alkali conditions on new concrete, stucco and masonry with 250% elongation at 8-12 mils. It makes an excellent primer on high-pH substrates and can be top-coated with a second coat of pHlex-tite or other Rodda 100% acrylic paint systems. Displays excellent durability and provides weather protection against the elements, as well as being resistant to alkali conditions and efflorescence.

Rolastic Elastomeric Paint (514301)

Formulated for the professional contractor for use on specified commercial and residential projects, Rolastic elastomeric coating delivers economy with performance. Bridges hairline cracks and weather-seals masonry with film thickness of 12-15 mils dry and providing 150% elongation. Provides a uniform finish that resists efflorescence and excessive dirt pick-up.