Professionals Dryfall

What is Dryfall Paint

Project Scenario

Sam, the commercial painter, wants to paint a grocery store ceiling white without masking the floors. This can be done using Rodda dry fall paint.


  • Pressure wash, if possible or use high pressure air blast.
  • Broom clean if only choice
  • Solvent wipe any exposed galvanized with Xylol.
  • Wood may need a primer coat and Ferrous metal may need to be spot primed prior to application. Please test.
  • Pre-finished metal should be clean and deglossed.

Primer Coat

Rodda Paint dry fall products are self priming. Please see the preparation notes above.

Top Coat

Best:   513801 Acrylic Dry Fall Paint
Better:   533938 Vinyl Dry Fall Paint
Good:   717301 PMC 300 Industrial Alkyd Dry Fall

Caution! Things to consider

  • Verify the multiple types of substrates to be coated and pre-prime, if necessary.
  • Flash rusting is a common problem when water based dry fall comes in contact with unprimed metal. Spot prime and touch up.
  • Do not use alkyd dry fall paint on galvanized substrates. Over time saponification will occur, causing delamination of the coating.
  • Insulation, as a substrate, requires a spot test to ensure adhesion.
  • Products are designed to dry before 15 feet at 77°F at 50% relative humidity. Changes in temperature and humidity will effect dry fall distances.
  • Special Order dry fall sheens and colors are available.

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