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Unique II

Unique II

A premium 100% acrylic coating that is versatile, durable, time tested and true is how we'd describe the Unique II line at Rodda. From interior to exterior these products take demanding abuse and survive. The formulations are built on strength and durability while backing it up with ease of application, great color and gloss retention as well as stain resistance, washability, and excellent mold and mildew resistance.

Low Gloss (532001)

Ideal for interior or exterior applications where a lower sheen is desired without the compromise of performance, such as Kitchens and Baths where moisture resistance comes into play. Unique II can be applied to a variety of surfaces and shows outstanding resistance to stains while remaining very easy to clean. Application is a breeze as the self leveling properties and a premium brush can eliminate brushstrokes. Remains flexible to move with your substrates and retains gloss and color for ages.

Semi Gloss (542001)

Every bit the equivalent to low gloss our semi gloss version creates an even tighter film allowing less moisture permeance and easier washability in a slightly higher sheen. Latex products also retard the growth of mold and mildew making them the perfect choice for exterior trim work and doors. When sprayed, this product can duplicate the look of an alkyd.

ColorBase (54203XX)

For rich, high hide colors ideal for use on doors, accent walls, mural projects, or building stripes, try our waterborne ColourCoat premixed bases in yellow, red, and blue, also including a stock black. Available in two gloss levels, low sheen and semigloss and tintable to a wider range of accents as seen in our EcoLogic ColourCoat Selection Card allowing you to achieve the right color and look in fewer coats saving you time, money and materials.

Color Bases

  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue