Professionals Super II
Super II

High Performance

  • Provides Super Premium Stain Resistance & Washability
  • "Best in Class" Touch-Up Characteristic
  • Excellent Flow & Leveling with Brush & Roller Applications
  • Superior Adhesion to Oil Base Paints & Non-Porous Surfaces


Maximum Durability & Application Characteristics

Rodda Paint’s Super II Acrylic features superior flow and leveling characteristics and better washability and stain resistance compared to ordinary paints. Professional painters will recognize and appreciate Super II’s slightly lower “velvet-like” eggshell sheen and “best in class” touch up characteristics. Super II is a high performance finish for institutional, commercial and residential applications. Ideal for new housing construction where improved washability is required. Excellent for use on walls, doors, woodwork and trim.

Super II is certified for NPI 138 and 141, and the Federal Food Drug and Cosmetic Act FFDCA criteria for Incidental Food Contact Materials.

Making a case for Quality Paints

Most paint can be made to look good when applied by professionals. However, all paints are not equal in terms of washability, burnish and stain resistance, and color encapsulation when washing walls painted with darker colors. Professional applicators may also find higher quality products have less expensive application costs where improved flow and leveling contribute to maximum hiding and spread rate coverage.

Paint can be one of the higher profile sources for customer dissatisfaction after the paint job is completed and the end users are living with their newly painted walls.

  • The relatively small savings in using less expensive paint for new home construction or residential re-paints can significantly add to customer dissatisfaction and the costs associated with it.
  • Less expensive paint products used, and the method in which they are applied, can be a component of a painting project where the builder or home owners are less informed or directly involved with the management of product choice and application specifications.

Super II waterborne acrylic is the go to coating for professional painters who prefer to use a level of product quality that ensures maximum application performance and guaranteed customer satisfaction.

Made in the Northwest, for the Northwest since 1932.

Rodda Paint offers a Limited Product Guarantee for Super II Acrylic against manufactured defects, chipping, peeling and blistering, subject to application conditions and exclusions.