Professionals Lasyn

Lasyn Interior

Rodda Paint’s Lasyn is a premium family of acrylic interior paints that is a favorite of painting contractors and homeowners over generations in the Northwest markets.  An industry standard, Rodda’s Lasyn line provides superior interior performance with low-odor during application and minimal spatter for easy clean-up.  Lasyn is easy to apply with brush, roller or airless sprayer and delivers excellent hiding power and spread rate coverage.  The Lasyn line consists of popular designer sheens that result in beautiful uniform finishes with excellent adhesion and outstanding touch-up properties.  Lasyn paints are stain resistant and easily washable for long-term service life and an excellent choice for residential and commercial painting projects and are MPI approved and specified by architects looking for a professional and durable finish on all interior walls including drywall and plaster, doors and trim, or over masonry and primed wood.

Velvet Flat (513001)

Lasyn Velvet on the interior walls shows a soft velvet-like sheen and offers a beautiful even finish for many interior living spaces.  The Velvet is not a flat paint, but shows a subtle lustrous finish that contrasts nicely with traditional millwork and interior wood trim when painted with a semigloss enamel.  The Velvet sheen works extremely well when using accent wall colors, adding sophistication and drama for a designer look.  

Eggshell (533001)

Rodda’s Lasyn Eggshell is our most popular premium interior paint.  The Eggshell finish is higher in sheen than Velvet and produces a washable surface for walls, including hallways and kids rooms.  Lasyn Eggshell demonstrates great interior performance for residential homes and commercial properties with good stain resistance; and washes easily without burnishing, making it a top pick for institutional uses as well, such as schools, daycare and office space and assisted living facilities.