Professionals Ultimate II

Rodda Paint’s Ultimate II line of exterior performance paints is Rodda’s best.  Formulated with advanced 100% acrylic resin technology fortified with urethane, Ultimate II as the name implies, is celebrated as one of the ultimate exterior paint systems commercially available.

Flat (512601)

Ultimate II is easy to apply with minimal odor and dries to a beautiful uniform finish in two popular sheens.  The 100% acrylic resin blended with urethane resin provides excellent adhesion over most exterior surfaces and remains flexible for use in the changing temperature conditions of the Northwest.  Ultimate II exhibits outstanding early-moisture and dirt pick-up resistance, resulting a cleaner long term finish.  The Ultimate II formulation with urethane also provides exceptional color and gloss retention for great long-term durability and film integrity.   With additives to help resist mold and mildew growth, Ultimate II extends the service life between repaints for most any residential or commercial project or application.  Can be applied by brush, roller or spray down to 35°F for early morning starts and late-season painting, and clean up easily with water.

Satin (522601)

Ultimate II is available in a flat or satin finish and is an excellent choice for properly prepared exterior wood, siding, masonry, stucco, and primed metal using Rodda Paint’s premium First Coat primer, Surf Bond II or Control Primer.  Ultimate II is a smart choice for new work and repainting prestigious residential and commercial projects, or whenever long-term service life and added cost-per-year value is desired.  Ultimate II Series is available in one gallon cans and five gallon pails and is backed by the Rodda Paint Warranty on commercial applications and residential applications (see your Rodda Sales Rep or Store Manager for details), and is supported by 1320+ colors in Rodda’s “Color Right” system, the exclusive Cascadia Color Collection of the Northwest neighborhoods and can be custom-matched to most any color desired.  Ultimate II – truly the ultimate exterior paint system.