Modern Wood Semi-Transparent

Alkyd Wiping Stain | Specialty Interior / Exterior Stain

Modern Wood Stain is a professional interior semi-transparent alkyd wiping stain and finish for wood.

Modern Wood Stain penetrates and seals the wood’s surface, providing a rich color that enhances the natural beauty of the wood without raising the grain. Formulated for use on new or bare interior wood surfaces, or to re-stain and refresh existing stained woods with proper preparation.

A traditional wiping stain is a slower drying stain providing color control with a beautiful rich finish. Rodda Paint’s Modern Wood Stain line is formulated to stain & finish in one step, and additional colors can be applied for special effects and custom shading. Ideal for use on cabinets, woodwork, paneling, doors, furniture and floors, and can be custom tinted to desired colors.