Super II HP

Waterborne Acrylic Latex | Interior Paint

Super II HP Paint & Primer-in-One is formulated with the latest Acrylic Waterborne Technology to deliver High Performance characteristics with Maximum Durability, Premium Stain Resistance, Outstanding Washability and Low VOC.

Excellent Flow and Leveling and Superior Adhesion to porous and non-porous surfaces, make Super II HP the best choice over oil base paints and previously stained wood surfaces.

Super II HP has higher volume solids for better Hide and Coverage and has been tested and rated for High Performance. Exceptional Durability, Non-yellowing, Fast dry, and Low odor make Super II HP ideal for interior high-traffic surfaces.

Higher quality products like Super II HP have less expensive application costs where improved flow and leveling contribute to maximum hide and spread rate coverage. Most paint can be made to look good when applied by Professionals, however, Super II’s ease of application even allows DIY applicators to produce a beautiful professional finish.

Super II HP is the coating of choice for Professionals and Homeowners as it far exceeds competitive paints with regards to washability, burnish & stain resistance, and color encapsulation when washing walls painted with darker colors.

  • Features
    • “Best in Class” Touch-up

    • Outstanding Durability and Washability

    • Excellent Flow and Leveling

    • Superior Adhesion and Stain Resistance

    • Excellent for Walls, Doors, Woodwork and Trim

    • High Performance Tested and Rated

    • Higher Volume Solids for Better Hide and Coverage

    • Paint & Primer-in-One

    • Low VOC and Low Odor

    • MPI 52, 139, 141, 52, 139, 138

  • Applications
    • Institutional, Commercial and Residential applications

    • New Housing Construction with Improved Washability requirement

    • Kitchens, Bathrooms

    • Woodwork, Doors, Trim

    • Masonry Surfaces

    • Over Oil-based Paints and Non-porous Surfaces

    • New or Previously Stained Wood Surfaces

  • Product Info Sheet & Technical Data Sheet
    TDS Documents

  • Product Details & Safety Data Sheets
    4303031 eggshell 1g deep GL3 52, 139 SDS
    4303035 eggshell 5g deep GL3 52, 139 SDS
    4303034 eggshell qt deep GL3 52, 139 SDS
    4303041 eggshell 1g neutral GL3 52, 139 SDS
    4303045 eggshell 5g neutral GL3 52, 139 SDS
    4303044 eggshell qt neutral GL3 52, 139 SDS
    4503011 semigloss 1g white GL5 141 SDS
    4503015 semigloss 5g white GL5 141 SDS
    4503014 semigloss qt white GL5 141 SDS
    4503031 semigloss 1g deep GL5 141 SDS
    4503035 semigloss 5g deep GL5 141 SDS
    4503034 semigloss qt deep GL5 141 SDS
    4503041 semigloss 1g neutral GL5 141 SDS
    4503045 semigloss 5g neutral GL5 141 SDS
    4503044 semigloss qt neutral GL5 141 SDS
    4303011 eggshell 1g white GL3 52, 139 SDS
    4303015 eggshell 5g white GL3 52, 139 SDS
    4303014 eggshell qt white GL3 52, 139 SDS
    4203011 satin 1g white GL2 138 SDS
    4203015 satin 5g white GL2 138 SDS
    4203014 satin qt white GL2 138 SDS
    4203031 satin 1g deep GL2 138 SDS
    4203035 satin 5g deep GL2 138 SDS
    4203034 satin qt deep GL2 138 SDS
    4203041 satin 1g neutral GL2 138 SDS
    4203045 satin 5g neutral GL2 138 SDS
    4203044 satin qt neutral GL2 138 SDS