Weather One® Semi-Transparent Stain

Acrylic Semi-Transparent Stain | Exterior Wood & Siding Stain

100% Acrylic, Premium Quality, Waterborne, Semi-Transparent Exterior Stain for Decks, Siding & Fences, designed to withstand wide-ranging weather & environmental conditions while providing a long-lasting decorative finish that allows the natural wood grain to show through.

100% Acrylic, Waterborne Semi-Transparent Stain developed with the industry’s latest Acrylic technology and with additional mold & mildew inhibitors… The Very BEST!

Formulated with Low VOCs to provide a long-lasting decorative finish with a high degree of water-repellency when dry, WeatherOne Semi-Transparent Stain is a fast-drying, low sheen and abrasion-resistant product that provides excellent penetration into the wood surface. It is a clear tint base that is tinted with universal colorants into a multitude of color options.

Designed specifically to withstand wide-ranging weather and environmental conditions, Weather One Semi-Transparent Stain is an ideal choice for decks, patios, siding, fences, and other horizontal and vertical wood surfaces. Homeowners and Professionals alike can rest assured that their horizontal & vertical wooden surfaces will remain protected and beautified with Weather One Semi-Transparent Stain!

  • Features
    • 100% Acrylic

    • Low VOCs with Low Odor

    • Superior Penetration

    • For Horizontal & Vertical Surfaces

    • Low Sheen Finish

    • Protects against the Sun's UV Rays

    • Moisture Repellent

    • Highlights & Enhances Natural texture of Wood

    • Fast Drying

    • Resistant to Mold & Mildew on Stain finish/film

    • Excellent Durability

    • Rich, Designer finish, Providing long-lasting Color & Protection

    • Abrasion Resistant

    • MPI 156

    • 15 Year Limited Warranty

  • Applications
    • Siding

    • Fences

    • Lattice

    • Decks

    • Patios

    • Outdoor Furniture

    • Dimensional Lumber

    • Other horizontal and vertical wood surfaces

    • Can be used on interior or exterior wood surfaces

  • Product Info Sheet & Technical Data Sheet
    TDS Documents

  • Product Details & Safety Data Sheets
    0668001 n-a 1g clear 156 SDS
    0668005 n-a 5g clear 156 SDS