SharkSkin® Solid Color

Acrylic & Urethane Hybrid Waterborne Solid Color Stain | Exterior Wood & Siding Stain

SharkSkin Solid Color, the Ultimate in Deck, Fence, and Siding Protection!

Designed specifically for weather extremes from sun-drenched summers to tough winters, SharkSkin Solid Color Deck & Siding stain provides superior adhesion, durability, and resistance to cracking, peeling or blistering.

Inspired by the structure of a shark’s skin, tough for protection and smooth for efficiently gliding through water, SharkSkin Solid Color Deck & Siding is developed with the industry’s latest hybrid waterborne technology – cross-linking Acrylic & Urethane resins with Linseed oil to provide the ultimate in weather protection and scuff & mar resistance from foot traffic.

Formulated to withstand weather extremes with antimicrobial inhibitors and fewer volatile solvents compared to conventional solid hide stains, SharkSkin delivers superior adhesion, durability, and color retention to new/previously painted surfaces while protecting against mold, mildew & algae growth on the surface of the stain – Keeping surfaces looking great for years and extending the time between repaints!

SharkSkin Solid Hide Stain spreads to a smooth, uniform, flat finish that masks imperfections and unwanted grain/color variations. The water-repellent film creates a barrier against wind-driven rain while remaining flexible with seasonal temperature changes. It can be tinted to almost any exterior color and cleans up easily with water – Homeowners and Professionals can be confident that decks/siding painted with SharkSkin will withstand years of foot traffic and weather while remaining protected from cracking, peeling or blistering.

  • Features
    • Long-Term Durability

    • Excellent Water Repellency

    • Superior UV Protection

    • Scuff-Resistant Finish

    • Designed for Northwest Weather Extremes

    • Outstanding Adhesion

  • Applications
    • Ideal for exterior wood decks, patios, stair treads or other horizontal surfaces

    • Also recommended for wood, composite or cement board siding

    • Great for wood fences, gazebos & deck railings, soffits, trim, exterior stucco, masonry or other cementitious surfaces

    • Can also be used on properly prepared and primed previously painted surfaces

  • Product Info Sheet & Technical Data Sheet
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  • Product Details & Safety Data Sheets
    4240011 satin 1g white GL2 - SDS
    4240015 satin 5g white GL2 - SDS
    7240304 satin qt white GL2 - SDS
    4240031 satin 1g deep GL2 - SDS
    4240035 satin 5g deep GL2 - SDS
    7240104 satin qt deep GL2 - SDS
    4240041 satin 1g neutral GL2 - SDS
    4240045 satin 5g neutral GL2 - SDS
    7240404 satin qt neutral GL2 - SDS