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Rodda Paint Introduces the Cascadia Color Collection

Just in time for the busy summer paint season, Rodda Paint Co. has unveiled its newest color offering in stores.

The Cascadia Color Collection is a Northwest inspired designer palette containing 228 hues created exclusively for Rodda Paint Co. in the United States.

The Cascadia Color Collection represents the top selling tints as well as colors industry forecasters predict will be a hit with consumers this paint season. Each Cascadia color has been hand formulated by Rodda’s Hien Nguyen, an industry expert in color creation. A colorist since 1979, Nguyen developed the Cascadia Color line with pigments that provide optimal paint color performance.

With this release, Rodda Paint Co. caps a two year collaboration with its Canada affiliate, Cloverdale Paint Inc. “We’re very excited with this new line,” said Lis Weller, Marketing Manager for Rodda Paint Co., “The Rodda and Cloverdale research teams have created a condensed yet exquisite selection of popular colors for our Northwest environment.”

Cloverdale Paint Inc. markets the Cascadia Color Collection in Canada as the Artisan color line. “The Artisan designer color palette celebrates our unique relationship with our customers, capturing the most popular custom paint colors.” said Kevin Skelly, Marketing Manager for Cloverdale Paint Inc., “Architects, Interior Designers, Professional Decorators and Painters alike specify these colors for residential and commercial projects for both performance and style on both interior and exterior projects.”

About Rodda Paint Company

Rodda Paint Co is the largest manufacturer of paint products in the Pacific Northwest with a family history dating to 1932. We research, develop, produce, sell and distribute commercial, residential, marine & industrial coatings as well as related sundry items out of 48 factory stores & Multiple Dealers in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana & Alaska. Rodda is a service oriented company that takes pride in building lasting relationships with its customers, partners & vendors, and recognizes the value of our employees and of a sustained business. We live by our 5 ‘R’ commitment to quality and believe that ‘it’s the finish that counts’.