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Rodda Paint® Company Announces the 2021 Color of the Year – SIMPLE SERENITY

Bringing a Color Inspired by Hope, Comfort and Possibility into Living and Workspaces.

Rodda Paint company, the largest family-owned paint manufacturer in the Northwest, announces the 2021 Color of the Year, SIMPLE SERENITY, plus a carefully curated palette of 16 coordinating colors to round out the 2021 Trend Color Collection. SIMPLE SERENITY is a color of hope, comfort, and possibility in one heavenly hue. “Reassurance and calm are what we are all in need of right now,” says Priya Bhagat, Marketing Program Manager for Rodda Paint Co. “With this in mind, we’ve come to view our homes and working spaces in a whole new way.”

This year has seen consumers’ lifestyles change dramatically, transforming homes into classrooms, offices, and family staycations. Rodda Paint hopes to inspire DIY consumers, architects and designers to color homes, workspaces and commercial spaces with these peaceful colors of 2021.

SIMPLE SERENITY both restores and uplifts. With a deep understanding of how color creates respite and reassurance, Rodda Paint’s color of the year is paired with a carefully curated collection Off-Whites, Muted Natural hues and Soft Graphic complements to fit into existing interior décors and transform living areas into havens.

SIMPLE SERENITY + Fresh Linen, Dreaming of the Day, Pale Green Tea, and Hidden Cove:
Ideal for places of respite, this harmonious scheme is designed to restore and rejuvenate. Teamed with these muted neutrals, SIMPLE SERENITY gives living, working and dining spaces a light, airy mood. A perfect fit for family rooms and bathrooms.

SIMPLE SERENITY + Fire Dance, Deep Space, Nilla Vanilla and Chicago Skyline:
This livelier palette, combined with SIMPLE SERENITY evokes a clean and fresh feel. These colors are great for updating kitchens with a sunny mood, adding dramatic definition to stairs and banisters, or giving a subtle, yet effortlessly modern feel to any space.

SIMPLE SERENITY + Big Spender, Kingdom’s Keys, Caramel Candy and Peace of Mind:
SIMPLE SERENITY paired with these earthy and sun-bleached hues brings a breath of fresh air into a room with a feeling of instant reassurance and comfort. This is an ideal palette for creating a cozy atmosphere in bedrooms and snug living rooms or for painted exterior doors and woodwork.

SIMPLE SERENITY + Day Spa, Luna Moon, Empower and Ice Flow:
Paired with these nautical inspired colors, SIMPLE SERENITY is truly timeless. Add a little extra impact or a bold look to sophisticated spaces and bathrooms when defined with these deep, dark, crisp, cooling and punchy hues. These contemporary color combinations work beautifully for both interior and exterior paint projects.

For its Color of The Year, Rodda Paint collaborates with Colour Guild and Colour Hive, the international trend forecasting company with a track record of accurate color trend information and successful forecasts for the interior and contract markets worldwide.

Rodda Paint’s 2021 Color of the Year and coordinating Color Collection are currently available at all Rodda Paint stores, plus all independent Rodda Paint dealer locations. To learn more about Rodda Paint’s 2021 Color of the Year and Color Collection, visit: Color Trends 2021

About Rodda Paint Company

Rodda Paint Co. is the largest family-owned paint manufacturer in the Northwest with offices and manufacturing facilities located in Portland, Oregon and is an independent subsidiary of the Cloverdale Group based in Surrey, BC, Canada. Rodda Paint Co. manufactures and distributes Quality Paints, High-Performance Industrial Coatings, and Professional Painting Supplies demanded by the industry’s various customer segments through its 99+ retail locations across the Northwest, including 59 full-service company stores. Rodda Paint Co. is a Service oriented company that has been building lasting relationships with customers, partners and vendors for more than 80 years and recognizes the value of long-term, experienced and well-trained employees to become a sustaining resource for every customer segment.

About Rodda Paint Company’s New Cascadia Color Collection

Rodda Paint company’s Cascadia line of designer colors are comprised of unique colors born from the majestic landscapes of the NW. Rodda Paint company has a team of highly trained paint color experts, working in Rodda Paint company’s color lab in Portland, OR who go the extra mile to get colors from the most exceptional locations in the NW and pair the color discoveries into nature inspired, timeless color palettes. The Cascadia Color Team embarks on frequent expeditions into the great outdoors, from Puget Sound to the Rocky Mountains, to bring colors sparked from the NW region into homes and offices.