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Rodda Paint Co Introduces SharkSkin to the USA

Rodda Paint will distribute products throughout the Northwest

Rodda Paint Company, the largest paint manufacturer in the Pacific Northwest, announced that it will begin distribution of SharkSkin solid hide deck & siding stain throughout their five State Regions of Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, & Alaska.

“This … sales reps and customers a diverse quality product offering,” said Bill Boone, President and COO of Rodda Paint Company.

SharkSkin is manufactured by Cloverdale Paint Inc. and is known for its superior performance, dependable results and world renowned Shark, nicknamed Steve. The coatings line consists of a full three base line of products.

About Rodda Paint Company

Rodda Paint Co is the largest manufacturer of paint products in the Pacific Northwest with a family history dating to 1932. We research, develop, produce, sell and distribute commercial, residential, marine & industrial coatings as well as related sundry items out of 48 factory stores & Multiple Dealers in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana & Alaska. Rodda is a service oriented company that takes pride in building lasting relationships with its customers, partners & vendors, and recognizes the value of our employees and of a sustained business. We live by our 5 ‘R’ commitment to quality and believe that ‘it’s the finish that counts’.