For Your Home Aqua Master Clear Varnish

Aqua Master Clear Varnish

One of Rodda’s original paint product lines when we were a stain and varnish company, this is one of the under sung gems in Rodda’s system. With plenty of sheen choices and a variety of uses this product stands up to the test of time. This line of clear varnishes has a polyurethane additive so they dry hard, fast and can be used in both interior and exterior applications.

Satin (725100)

Superior to conventional spar varnishes due to its high resistance to chemicals, oils and solvents while being tough enough to resist repeated abuse by scuffing and abrasion. Try it on your exterior eaves for both protection and a nice soft luster to the finish.

Semi Gloss (745100)

The rock hard finish offers protection from the elements, but this varnish is also easy to recoat. Try it on your natural or stained wood front door, multiple coats flow on easily and will last a lifetime if maintained with just a light sanding and another coat.

Gloss (755100)

A solid coating that can even be used in some marine applications. Multiple coats are a cinch to build up and the scrubability is outstanding, putting up with all kinds of abuse. Try it to preserve the look on your woodworking projects or to refurbish an old grandfather clock.