For Your Home Siding - Vinyl

Paint Vinyl Siding

Project Scenario

A property manager has an apartment building with vinyl siding that is baby blue. He wants to paint it a more attractive color, so tenants will find the building more attractive and move in. What should he do?


  • Pressure wash to remove dirt, grime, chalk, and other contaminants.
  • Clean with mildew retardant solution if necessary. Rinse and let dry thoroughly.
  • Vinyl siding chalks easily, so pay special attention to chalk. Rub your hand on the siding to see if chalk rubs off onto your hand.
  • Reattach buckled or cupped siding where necessary.
  • Determine orginal siding color. Do not paint darker than the original color.
  • If the siding beads up like waxed paper, no not paint. Adhesion failure is likely.
Paint Vinyl Siding

Primer Coat

Prime with 501601x First Coat Primer

Top Coat

Best:         522501x Ultimate Exterior
Better:      510101x AC-909 Exterior Satin
Good:       52110xx AC-911 Exterior Flat

Caution! Things to consider

  • Try to tint the color without black colorant.
  • If chalky substrate persists, use Flood Emulsa-Bond in prime coat only.
  • Choose colors equal or lighter shade as compared to existing color. Do not choose a darker color to minimize the expansion and contraction of the vinyl siding.

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