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SharkSkin® Color Selection Guide

Color Considerations and Tips

As the saying goes, “You never get a chance to make a second impression!”

Next to structural shape, Color is the most noticeable element of any home. When it comes to Color selection, it's IMPORTANT to take your time and plan with current and future layouts in mind.

Given that the results of a “Staining project” will last for years, it's important to step back from the areas to be stained and consider the environmental surroundings, landscape, architecture and the more permanent structural features that may not be changing, such as roofing, walkways and any masonry or natural materials, such as stones or tiling. The doors, siding, trim and other architectural features may be painted, but other surfaces may not. So once you have an idea of what is and what is not going to be painted, then you have a good starting point for your Color selection.

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Color Selection Tips

  • A typical color combination has three colors: one color for more dominant or larger surface areas, such as Siding; one color for Trim or architectural details; and a third color for Accents, such as doors and shutters.
  • Look to gardens, furniture or other structural elements, such as paving or accent stonework that will remain once the staining project is complete.
  • Consider neighboring houses or structures. You might find great inspiration from newly built homes or even heritage buildings to create your color scheme.
  • Determine one or two Colors that will be the Dominant Colors - one for the Siding and perhaps another for Decks.
  • Off-whites or deep, rich colors are ideal for use on Trim, Siding, Fascia or downspouts to support the overall look of the color scheme.
  • Lighter colors, such as off-whites, tend to visually 'advance' or 'highlight' the surface being painted. If the goal is to draw the eye away from details, they can be painted the dominant colors so they are not as noticeable.
  • Lighting has an effect on how colors are perceived. Make sure to SELECT the Colors OUTSIDE in the area where they will be applied. 

A note about digital color representation on screen:
The actual paint and wood stain colors may vary from the images displayed on this website. We strongly recommend that you pick up an actual paint Color sample from a Rodda Paint Store, then apply and view it under the lighting conditions where they will be applied to ensure complete color satisfaction.
SharkSkin Deck & Siding Colors