Partners in Education

Rodda Paint's Partners in Education Program can benefit your school's activities, such as:

  • Lab/Computer Equipment
  • After School Activities
  • Student Clubs
  • Athletic Department
  • Music/Arts Programs
  • Science Instruments
  • Playground Equipment
  • Meal Programs

and many, many more! Just ask any of our friendly store employees or salespeople for more information on how to enjoy these savings rebates.

We are part of your community and we want to help!

How the program works

  1. Open a P.I.E. Account with Rodda
  2. Rodda will issue you a requested number of P.I.E. cards or postcards
  3. Distribute to parents, grandparents & Boosters.
  4. Shop at any Rodda Paint store and save:
    • An extra 5% on Window Coverings (off discounted prices)
    • An extra 5% on Wallpaper Orders (off discounted prices)
    • 10% off sundry items (excludes spray equipment)
    • 10% off EDLP for quality Rodda Paint products
  5. At the end of the year, Rodda will return a rebate, based on accumulated annual sales, of 5% to your requested school. (minimum $250 rebate for payout)

Visit your local Rodda Paint store for more details are call 1-800-452-2315 to sign up today!

P.I.E. Card Front