Professionals Rural Manor Stains

Rural Manor Stain Line

An alkyd based system made for the great outdoors, this remains our easiest application of self-priming products on vertical wood. We manufacture two varieties, a semi transparent and a solid bodied, and both stains are made to penetrate the surface of the wood resulting in more durable coating.

Semi Transparent (714101)

A combination of alkyd resins and linseed oil enhance the high quality pigments and balance with the thinners in order to penetrate the surface while still allowing the natural grain and texture of the wood to show through. Must be used as a first coat on weathered wood to give off a rustic toned look, try it on your fence or shed as a great way to spruce it up.

Solid Color (714401)

The high quality pigments in this product help to provide its good hiding power, similar to that of paint, but still allowing the natural grain of the wood to be visible. Designed to leave a durable film on any wood siding, shakes or fences that it is applied to, so as to preserve and protect it.