Industrial Petrochemical

Rodda Paint is a supplier of high performance industrial coatings for Petrochemical facility maintenance, floors, in-shop and field application. At Rodda, we understand the challenges of protecting oil and gas facilities and equipment from corrosion and harsh environments, and the down-time expense for maintenance. Rodda offer a complete line of innovative coatings and practical solutions for this complex and changing industry, starting with Corroseal Rust Converter for reliable rust conversion and priming in one step, to zinc rich epoxy primers, quick-dry top-coats with local color and distribution. Fast-drying resin systems, including 100% solids epoxies and polyureas floor coatings, Oil & Gas Aluminum, tank and containment coatings.

Rodda Paint, part of the Cloverdale protective industrial coatings group and with trusted specialty coatings partners, offers a wide range of high performance coatings specifically designed to withstand the demanding industrial environmental conditions of Petrochemical industry with precision and performance. Rodda will help you determine the best coating for your project and supply the performance solution with the local service you demand.

Please contact our NACE Certified Rodda Industrial Representatives in the field to provide trained expertise regarding the most cost-effective solutions for Petroleum and Gas equipment coating requirements, or speak with your local Rodda Paint field representative about your coating systems requirements, and we will bring the products and experience to you.