Industrial Water-Based Top Coats

52 8901 1 Industrial Maintenance - Multi Master DTM Acrylic Enamel

A direct to metal or general purpose maintenance coating on tank exteriors, transmission towers, microwave towers, metal buildings, structural steel and other metal and masonry surfaces. Multi Master DTM is flash rust resistant, fast drying and bonds well making it an ideal coating to apply to properly prepared metal siding. Multi Master DTM contains a fungicide/mildewcide for protection against the growth of mold & mildew on the surface of the paint.

75 8001 1 Industrial Enamel - Quick Dry Gloss Equipment Enamel

A high gloss acrylic modified alkyd enamel for industrial use only. Provides outstanding protection when used on properly primed or prepared metal. Excellent performance and durability on industrial, agricultural, oil field, construction, highway equipment, and machinery. This spray only paint will dry to touch in 1 hour and it has good gloss and color retention. For shop use only.

75 9101 1 Polycoat II Acrylic Urethane Enamel

Polyurethane, two component high gloss coating that combines the appearance of a high quality enamel and the performance of a chemically cured coating. Polycoat II protects metal surfaces in marine environments, chemical plants and other corrosive areas. It has excellent gloss and color retention, abrasion resistance, impact resistance and chemical resistance. Can be used on structural steel beams, trusses, industrial equipment and all types of machinery.