Industrial Metal Primers

71007 Clovabond 007

ClovaBond Universal Bonding Primer is a 100% Acrylic, solvent based, wash coating formulated to provide adhesion to galvanized steel, aluminum, stainless steel and other substrates. This is a thin film wash primer exhibiting excellent topcoat compatibility with architectural, industrial and maintenance type coatings. This product will replace Chromate containing vinyl wash primers for most non corrosive applications. This Universal Bonding Primer is a single pack primer used for ducting, piping, galvanized steel, aluminum paneling, copper pipe, stainless steel or other non-ferrous metals. Also good for porcelain, glass, ceramic tile or fiberglass substrates.

83021A ClovaPrime 21

A rust inhibitive primer for steel surfaces where excellent weathering, chemical and corrosion resistance is required. This high performance primer can be top coated with a variety of Rodda / Cloverdale finishes including two component urethane, acrylic modified urethane, epoxy enamel and alkyd enamel.

A heavy duty high performance VOC compliant epoxy primer that provides excellent corrosion resistance over blasted or power tool cleaned steel. ClovaPrime 21 has a low gloss finish with good flexibility on aging. ClovaPrime 21 is a two component product with 83021 A and converter 83021 B supplied in separate containers.

83151A ClovaGuard

ClovaGuard can be used as a primer or intermediate coat beneath ClovaCoat or as an intermediate coat beneath Armour Shield where superior performance is required. A high performance one coat system where low gloss is acceptable or where chalking in sunlight is not a concern. For use on storage tanks, oil and gas equipment and machinery, structural steel in pulp and paper mills, sewage treatment plants, marine and other heavy industrial areas.

ClovaGuard is a two component high build, high performance, polyamide coating recommended for severe exposures. It is an abrasion and chemical resistant coating with a low gloss appearance.