Industrial Epoxies & Urethanes

83110A ClovaMastic

For use on storage tanks, oil and gas equipment, structural steel, pulp and paper mills, sewage treatment plants, marine and other heavy industrial areas. For application during hotter weather when longer open times are required, summer grade activator 83110BX can be used.

This low temperature cure epoxy is a high performance, surface tolerant mastic coating. Ideal for cool weather application. This product cures at temperatures as low as 0 degrees F. Can be applied directly to steel where abrasive blasting is not practical. It has improved surface wetting capabilities providing superior surface tolerance and adhesion. The high solids provides for ease of film build when used as a one-coat maintenance finish coat over Zinc rich primers.

83300A ClovaCoat 300

For use as part of a primer / topcoat system on tank exteriors or structural equipment for protection from chemical splash or spill. Also recommended for use on block or plaster board walls or on concrete floors such as warehouses, factories, carports and garages where a chemical resistant high gloss finish is desired.

A high build, high performance, gloss finish with excellent abrasion and stain resistance. This coating is resistant to a broad range of corrosive chemicals and solvents. ClovaCoat 300 is a two component product with base 833 Series A and converter 83300 B supplied in separate containers.

83701A Armour Shield

For application to commercial transportation, aircraft, farm machinery, oil field drilling and service equipment, industrial and process equipment, exteriors of storage tanks and structural steel. Armour Shield® is also used as a chemical resistant, gloss retentive finish over intermediate epoxy and zinc rich primer systems.

The Armour Shield® XP line of coatings are tightly cross-linked interpenetrating polymer networks of acrylic and polyester urethanes. Virtually HAPs free (less than 1%), high performance, VOC compliant aliphatic urethanes that provide superior gloss and color retention, excellent chemical resistance, outstanding abrasion resistance and a very high gloss (wet look) finish. They are available in white and colored bases permitting a match to most colors.