Industrial Alkyd Top Coats

75 7001 1 Professional Enamel - Fast Dry Polyurethane Modified Alkyd

A fast dry interior, exterior single component polyurethane modified alkyd enamel designed for a tough, durable, gloss finish. It can be used on metal doors and frames, railings, metal buildings, structural steel, tanks, wood, interior above grade floors (note: Not to be used on surfaces where vehicles are parked). It has good gloss and color retention, is VOC compliant and can be brushed, rolled or sprayed.

75 8501 1 Industrial Enamel - High Solids Gloss Equipment Enamel

This product is designed to meet the stringent durability requirements of an industrial environment. It’s ease of application makes this product ideal for use on industrial machinery, equipment, oil and gas process equipment, structural steel, beams, trusses, metal doors and trim, lockers and hand rails. It has excellent gloss and color retention, weatherability, VOC compliant, full color range and can be brushed, rolled, or sprayed. Not recommended for immersion service or high corrosion areas.

75 8801 1 Industrial Enamel Silicone Alkyd Heavy Duty Gloss

Tough, resilient interior / exterior long lasting coating designed for maximum exterior durability with superior gloss and color retention. Designed for protection of non-submerged metal surfaces. It is ideally suited for protection of steel storage tanks, structural steel, railings, pumps, equipment, awnings and overhangs. This enamel does well with the thermal shock often experienced by coatings applied to exteriors of steel storage tanks, towers, and structural steel. Rodda Silicone Alkyd will remain resilient longer then conventional oil base enamel upon exterior exposure to sunlight.