For Your Home MP Ultra Low VOC

Master Painter Ultra Low VOC

Rodda Paint’s Master Painter is a professional line of acrylic interior paint and enamels with a proven formulation preferred by painting contractors, maintenance painters and homeowners.  The Master Painter line consists of popular sheens that flow to a uniform finish with reliable adhesion and touch-up performance.  The series now includes the Master Painter Ultra Low-VOC formulation with the same performance, but featuring virtually no-odor during application.  Professional interior performance with good hide and coverage, and minimal application spatter for easier tool clean-up, the Master Painter series is available in a variety of designer sheens and easy to apply with brush, roller or airless sprayer.  Master Painter paints are washable for longer term service life and an excellent choice for new and repainting residential and commercial jobs, and also work well for regular higher-end maintenance applications. 

Flat (513601)

Master Painter flat wall paint is excellent choice for disguising small wall-imperfections by reducing light reflectance, especially for walls and ceilings with critical back-lighted areas.  Master Painters can be tinted to match existing colors and for the perfect accent color any interior, while maintaining a uniform flat sheen.  Master Painter Flat is an excellent choice for residential repainting of walls and ceilings, and an upgrade for apartments and commercial maintenance work.

Satin (523601)

Master Painter Satin is the most popular sheen in the series and Rodda’s top seller for professional interior paints. The luster of the Satin sheen creates a washable film, making it a great choice for kid’s rooms and playrooms, and works well for laundry or powder rooms. The durability of the Satin finish extends the life-cycle of the paint job for a lasting designer look.

Satin Hi Hide (523611)

Master Painter Satin Hi-Hide was developed specifically for the commercial contracting, but is an excellent choice for residential applications.  This product has all of the performance benefits of our regular satin sheen finish in a hi-hide formula. Can also be used in residential applications where time is of the essence and a quality product is desired.

Semi Gloss (543601)

Rodda’s Master Painter Semigloss Enamel is a professional waterborne interior enamel which provides great performance with long-term durability and washability. A professional semigloss enamel is typically used for  kitchen and bathroom walls and ceilings, or high traffic areas and hallways in residential homes and commercial buildings.  The tough semigloss enamel finish will protect surfaces against dirt and grime from hand-oils on doors and trim work, and adds designer sheen contrasts against tradition wall finishes.