For Your Home Protector

This exterior paint systems has all weather performance and a 100% acrylic formulation built for the Northwest. The Protector line offers excellent adhesion over multiple substrates including hold out of efflorescence. Available in three popular sheens and endless color selections.

Flat (512201)

Targeted for the concrete tilt-up market and engineered towards performance.  Use this product wherever an extreme flat paint can help to minimize surface imperfections. 

Velvet (522201)

Aimed at the new construction and repaint markets and a staple in our line for decades, this product is a work horse, delivering durability and longevity for varied surfaces in a washable finish. 

Satin (532201)

Growing in popularity, this product shows that people are educating themselves on the benefits of a longer lasting, cleanable surface with a rich sheen that shows off the details and features of your home.