For Your Home Metal Chimney Flue

Paint a Metal Chimney Flue

Project Scenario

Polly, a condo manager, wants to paint all the metal chimey flues at her complex. They get very hot to the touch. How should she tackle this painting project?


  • Wire brush to remove dirt and other contaminants.
  • Clean with mildew retardant solution if necessary. Let dry thoroughly.
  • Use a medium Scotch Brite pad to remove oxidation.
  • Wash surface to remove any sanding residue.


Primer and top coats are determined by how hot the chimney flue gets. Select from the list below.

Paint Metal Chimney Flue


Top Coat

Above 250°F Self Priming 758100x Hi-Heat Aluminum Paint
180°F to 250°F 708195x All Purpose Red Oxide 75880xx Powerkote Silicone Alkyd
Below 180°F 74079x Galva Cling 54200xx Unique II

Caution! Things to consider

  • For industrial applications, there are many more choices with carboline products and Cloverdale products. Please contact your local Rodda Paint representative.
  • For small jobs, we carry Rustoleum Hi-Heat in spray cans.

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