For Your Home Marble Crete

Paint Marble Crete

Project Scenario

Martha owns a fourplex in an old part of town. The siding is 4x8 sheets of pebbles. It seems the backing is concrete. Can she paint marble crete?


  • Carefully pressure wash to remove airborne contaminants and weak subscrate.
  • Use mildew retardant solution if necessary. Rinse and let dry thoroughly.
  • Patch holes with caulk and stones, sized to match, pressed to the caulk.
  • For signs of moisture intrusion or water damage, spot prime with Z-Prime.

Primer Coat

If pebbles fall off easily, use Surfbond II Masonry Primer.

Best:      501801x Surfbond II Masonry Primer
Good:    501601x First Coat Primer

Top Coat

Best:      512301x pHlex-tite Elastomeric
Better:   510101x AC-909 Exterior Satin
Good:    52110xx AC-911 Exterior Flat

Caution! Things to consider

  • After pressure washing, rust stains may be visible. Use a spray can of Z-Prime to hide the blemish.
  • Back rolling the final coat will improve the appearance and ensure all portions of the substrate are coated.
Paint Marble Crete Building

Paint Marble Crete Trim

Paint Marble Crete Close Up

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