For Your Home Concrete Tilt-Up

Paint a Concrete Tilt-Up

Project Scenario

A commercial painter needs to paint new concrete tilt-up warehouses. How should he approach this project?


  • Pressure wash to remove loose contaminants and any bond breaker (green waxy substance) residue.
  • Use mildew retardant solution if necessary. Rinse and let dry thoroughly.
  • Patch holes with Rockite or equivalent.
  • Test pH level with a pH pencil (available through your Rodda Paint commercial representative)
Paint Concrete Tilt Up

Primer Coat

Primer coating is determined by pH level. See above.

pH level 13-14:  512301x pHlex-tite Elastomeric
pH level 10-13:  501801x Surfbond II Masonry Primer
pH level 7-10:    501601x First Coat Primer

Top Coat

Best:     522501x Ultimate Exterior
Better:  510101x AC-909 Exterior Satin
Good:   52110xx AC-910 Exterior Flat

Caution! Things to consider

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